About Mendelson Consulting

Our core purpose is to enhance accounting and management information system processes for organizations by maximizing financial, operational, and technology solutions.

We enable success through technology

As a Top Integrations QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Mendelson Consulting specializes in providing QuickBooks and IT consulting services. We succeed with clients large and small by providing a solution-based approach that is customized to each client’s individual and specific needs. We complement other accounting and technology professionals to collaborate on client success.

The Mendelson Story

A consultant’s job is to ensure a good fit between vendor product and client need.

It began in the 10th grade for Mario Nowogrodzki. Starting with the high school elective class Accounting I. Mario took a liking to the concepts so he ensued to Accounting II in 11th grade. In both those years and in 12th grade, Mario won accounting competitions at district and state levels sponsored by the Future Business Leaders of America association. Throughout high school, Mario enjoyed tinkering with computers at home and in 12th grade he took his first computer science class.

In post-secondary education and graduate school, accounting technology strengthened as a passion. Inside the required curriculum for a Bachelor of Accounting degree, Mario thrived in the computer science and accounting technology courses. So much so, that for his Master of Accounting degree, he chose the field of Accounting Information Systems, instead of Auditing or Taxation which the vast majority of accounting graduates choose for a career in accounting.

Mario knew early on about this passion and decided that audit, tax, and management consulting would best be left to others who are expert in those areas. Many CPAs provide services in specialized areas of accounting like forensics, business valuation, personal financial planning, and information technology consulting. That last one, was Mario’s calling.

After only a few years in public and private accounting, Mario Nowogrodzki founded Mendelson Consulting in January 1992, with the purpose of helping organizations find proper solutions for computer information needs and implementing those solutions through an expert professional team. The solutions started simply with accounting software training and support, and soon expanded to include the design, installation, and maintenance of computer network systems.

Today, the professional team of Mendelson Consulting is committed and ready for the continuous challenges that the current information technology environment presents. We are a national firm of 16, with international reach in 5 continents, and all share the same passion for technology.

More accolades than anyone in the industry

  • Selected as the 1st member of the Intuit Solution Provider program
  • Elected to the Intuit Solution Provider Advisor Council – only one ever to be chosen for 3 consecutive terms
  • Elected to the “Top 10 ProAdvisors” list
  • Elected as the “Top Integrations ProAdvisor” from over 130,000 advisors worldwide
  • 2-time selection to the annual “Top 100 ProAdvisors” list by Insightful Accountant
  • Recognized as ‘Killer VAR’ by Accounting Technology, acknowledging our commitment and character as a value-added-reselling (VAR) organization
  • Recognized as ‘Technology Pacesetter’ by AccountingToday, recognizing our reputation among peers and participation on advisory boards and speaker panels at industry events
  • 5-time selection to the ‘VAR Stars’ by Bob Scott’s Insights, an exclusive group of firms honored for their accomplishments in mid-market financial software
  • 3-time winner of Sleeter Group Consultants Network ‘Top Technologist’ award

Why do we get the industry recognition, and how did we become leaders in this industry?

In the 1990’s, we specialized in the most widely used accounting systems at the time – DacEasy, Peachtree, and SBT software. By the late 1990’s, we had the vision to realize that Intuit was becoming the industry leader with QuickBooks. By 2002, we became QuickBooks ProAdvisors and, as some say, the rest is history.

But our history was not made by itself. We created our own success. Beginning in the early 2000’s, at every industry event, at every QuickBooks consulting seminar and conference, we took an interest in the behind-the-scenes of Intuit’s products and services. We interacted with business unit leaders and product managers (to this day!) We took the time to meet and grow with colleague professionals, to learn and share experiences. By helping clients with Intuit and other vendor products over the years, we have gained an unparalleled expert view of the industry and the technology.

So today, when Intuit wants to roll out a new program, a new service, a new offer, what makes them come to us for wisdom? Why did Fishbowl Inventory and ACCTivate bring us to their initial meetings to help design their reseller programs? Why did Agiliron rely on our expert advice to refine their offerings and partner program? Why does TSheets consider us one of their top partners (regardless the number of client referrals)? Why do Intuit product managers continually ask us for feedback on ideas for product enhancements? It is because of the level of detail in what we observe and notice. It is because of the level of detail in how we think. It is because of the level of detail in what we do and how we carry out work. And it is because we have our mutual best interest in mind, which results in client success.

Attention to detail is a key factor in everything we do, from why vendor partners count on us for expert advice and why clients rely on us for success through technology.


We are not simply QuickBooks consultants


We are consultants concentrated on your business and IT success, and we just happen to focus on accounting solutions. We are not QuickBooks consultants; we are business success consultants.

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